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~ Blog Image 2023 ~

Hello followers, This is my forth this is my first blog post of this term. This year will be an amazing year. I am now in year 6 and hopefully this year will be more better than last year. My teachers are Miss Scott and Mr Taylor these are the same teachers. I’m really looking forward to activities this year. My fav colour is sage green. Hope you enjoy my photo! thank you for commenting! <3

Whats your fav subject

A) Maths

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B) Swimming

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Is it Rude, Mean, Or bullying

hallo follower’s, For like 3 weeks we have been learning about not to bully people. And to teach little kids to be nice on the play grounds to other kids me and my group have made this  i-movie to show what rude is what mean is and bulling is when someone has hurt you called you names most than once. Us seniors are very big role models for the little kids so we need to set a example of what they should be doing so I hope you like the short movie and comment what your favourite part is!! 🙂



~ Brainstorm Solar System Work For Topic 2023 ~

An young followers, An young is hello in Korean. This week we have started to learn about space and we have been asked to do a task about space. As you know we have been learning about space so the task was to name 6 things about space and what you need on that slide is. A mane thing you are talking about, a picture, a definition, 2 facts. That’s it so that’s what I have done personal I think this was kinda easy but looking for the things can be a little stressing for me personal. It could be a lot better for you tho but it was fun to do as always and I hope you do enjoy reading the facts and comment below what you think I should add into it next time when I do something about space!! 🙂   



~ Kawa Of Care ~ 2023

Hey guys this is my kawa of care hope you enjoy it. I think this was very easy and really fun to do. It can teach you how to take care of your chromebook if you listen to it. Its like one of those shows were you have you get the answers right or you lose. Its still really fun to do it took me like 3 days but I do think that it was very easy and amazing to do! bye guys comment your favourite animal.



Zones of Emotions

Aloha people, last week and this week we have been learning about emotions. The red zone, blue zone, yellow, zone, green zone. Red is for angry, blue is for upset, yellow can be confused, green is for happy. This task has different emotions. Here is the slideshow that will tell you what the zones mean and what it feel like……

Collaborating with Yaldhurst Model school

Today we had another day of meeting between Hornby Primary School and Yaldhurst.

We talked about walking or moving away.  We had a slideshool where we had to choose a person, decide if the person was going to or leaving a place.  Then we had to pack a bag for them, with items that we thought would match their personality.

Yaldhurst did the same activity.  We had to say things and try guess the photo that they were doing.

We put some stuff into a suitcase. My group did the little girl photo that went to school. Someone had put a teddy bear inside the suitcase. I had to write down what we thought about it.

It was fun to see our Yaldhurst friends on a meet. I liked the part were we got to try and guess who they had packed the suitcase for. My group had to go first to show our slide show about our work. We were going onto the other peoples slide show about it and that’s when the guessing comes in. I hope you liked reading bye.

Why Hornby Primary is a great school

This is why Hornby Primary  is a great school

Hornby Primary is a good school, in the last couple of weeks we have been doing screencastify so we can learn all the steps to help us with all of the things we need to know. here’s my screencastify.