~ Brainstorm Solar System Work For Topic 2023 ~

An young followers, An young is hello in Korean. This week we have started to learn about space and we have been asked to do a task about space. As you know we have been learning about space so the task was to name 6 things about space and what you need on that slide is. A mane thing you are talking about, a picture, a definition, 2 facts. That’s it so that’s what I have done personal I think this was kinda easy but looking for the things can be a little stressing for me personal. It could be a lot better for you tho but it was fun to do as always and I hope you do enjoy reading the facts and comment below what you think I should add into it next time when I do something about space!! 🙂   



3 thoughts on “~ Brainstorm Solar System Work For Topic 2023 ~

    1. Yea me to when we learning about it I didn’t know what space junk was until i researched it I feel bad for what lives in space and it must go all around space! Thank you for commenting <3

    2. I think that the space junk bassically just stays there until there is to much and it like ends up coming to earth

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