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– Famous Old Portraits – 14/12/22

Hello people, from around the world this week we have been learning about some famous paintings around the world. This week is a very special week for me because this is the last week of the year for school in 2022 only 2 days to go. The one the I have try my best on is this one…. Hope you like how I tryed to make it!

This is what I made…

I tried to make it the best that I can because I didn’t want it to look like a whole new person because I feel like it is a beautiful piece of art. I don’t want to ruin the piece of art, I hoped you liked how I tired to make it.

Zones of Emotions

Aloha people, last week and this week we have been learning about emotions. The red zone, blue zone, yellow, zone, green zone. Red is for angry, blue is for upset, yellow can be confused, green is for happy. This task has different emotions. Here is the slideshow that will tell you what the zones mean and what it feel like……

Agencies That Help Make Our Community Better

Hi Bloggers we have been looking at agencies that help make our community better for about 2 weeks now

I have a document that has all the information that you need………….

Red Cross is all around the world and it helps many people in the world. It can help any one with problems. And people that need some help in life.

Why Hornby Primary is a great school

This is why Hornby Primary  is a great school

Hornby Primary is a good school, in the last couple of weeks we have been doing screencastify so we can learn all the steps to help us with all of the things we need to know. here’s my screencastify.

Art of 2022 – tinfoil human

Giacometti was a famous person for his arts and crafts. He made all kinds of different arts. He talent made him get better and make new ones. That’s how he came famous for his arts.  One of the things he liked to make were marble sculptures with long arms and legs.

Today we got a chance to make a tinfoil human that was inspired by Giacometti. It was really fun to go through all the steps. We had to get tinfoil and shape it into a person doing something we like to do.  Then we had to make background.