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– Island Race – (2023 Term 2 Week 3)

안녕하세요 – Hello Readers, last week we started a task the task was to make a board game, design a boat buddy, Living in pardise, packing for sea, map your origins. So My group Felice, Maryeberth, Maryam had made a board game. I think it was really stressful and easy but my team didn’t get along so well. If I could rate us 1 out of 10 I think a 3. We need to work on team work and just help eachother out alot of us were fighting about what we wanted on our map and the cards and what we were going to put in. I still think it was fun and a cool topic work I do think I would do it again but me and my team just need to work better with that teamwork. Comment down below your fav farm animal and why, Byeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


~ Brainstorm Solar System Work For Topic 2023 ~

An young followers, An young is hello in Korean. This week we have started to learn about space and we have been asked to do a task about space. As you know we have been learning about space so the task was to name 6 things about space and what you need on that slide is. A mane thing you are talking about, a picture, a definition, 2 facts. That’s it so that’s what I have done personal I think this was kinda easy but looking for the things can be a little stressing for me personal. It could be a lot better for you tho but it was fun to do as always and I hope you do enjoy reading the facts and comment below what you think I should add into it next time when I do something about space!! 🙂   



– Famous Old Portraits – 14/12/22

Hello people, from around the world this week we have been learning about some famous paintings around the world. This week is a very special week for me because this is the last week of the year for school in 2022 only 2 days to go. The one the I have try my best on is this one…. Hope you like how I tryed to make it!

This is what I made…

I tried to make it the best that I can because I didn’t want it to look like a whole new person because I feel like it is a beautiful piece of art. I don’t want to ruin the piece of art, I hoped you liked how I tired to make it.