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Celebration of Learning 2023 Term 3

Talofa ma fa’afeiloa’i i la’u blog (Hello and welcome to my blog)

This week is the last week of term and we have parent’s coming in to look at their childrens blogs. We have to show off what we have done this term and our learning. Check out my slideshow that my parent’s are going to look at! Comment down below what was your favourite thing this term.

Black Poems

Heyyy bloggers today we were doing some cyber smart work on blackout poems. A blackout poem is when you have a story and you have a poem you have changed the background, then you pick out the words for your poem. It was really easy for me to do in a small amount of time I hope you enjoy looking at it bye bloggers.


Cybersmart new canva animation tools 2023 term 3

Talofa ma toe fo’i mai i la’u blog (Hello and welcome back to my blog)

This week our cybersmart teacher came in on monday, her name is Mrs Taylor and she is a better singer than Mr Taylor. Lets get on with some actual work so Mrs Taylor told us some new animation tools on canva. She ended up asking us to make an animation of our name. So that’s what the whole class ended up doing most people were done in that amount of time but not all people were done in that time. I used one of the features match and move to use an animation that makes, it look like it moves into place but it really makes and trick in your eyes. My rating for the update on canva was an 7/10 because it, did glitch sometimes and wouldn’t move. Well I hope that you enjoy this animation. bye comment down below your favorite way of saying hello.

Weekly Reading Task (Make a pofile pic of your favourite book charachter)

Talofa ma fa’afeiloa’i i la’u blog (hello and welcome to my blog)

Today I made my weekly reading challenge for this week. The task was to basically make an animation slideshow etc. So I ended up making an animation on canva about Dawn Schafer. If you want more information about her she is basically a babysitter and a member of the babysitters club if you know what that series is. She is one of my favorite book character from babysitters club. So I edited my slideshow in canva and used some of the new digital animation tools to make a little animation happen when presenting. Thank you to Mrs Taylor our cybersmart teacher who told me how to do it. Well I hope you enjoy my animation that I made, comment down below what is your favorite letter.

Recount Writing T3 W3 2023 3/8/23

Kia ora, and welcome to another blog post!

This week we have been doing a recount about our favourite holiday place or just a normal favourite place to be. So my favourite place to be is Invercargill. Which is southland the bottom of the south island by bluff, and gore! This was also words from my own perspective. This was a hard time for me in that time so like it was definitely different to be telling the story. So I do hope you enjoy reading this, Comment down below your favourite part of my story byeee!

Orientation- (who) Frankie (what) Invercargill (when) on weekends holidays (where) Southland Invercargill (why) because it’s my home. (A bit more background information) Invercargill is apparently for stupid people but I don’t believe that because I used to live there.   
Events (What happened) – In 2020 my mum decided to move from Invercargill to Christchurch, so we made a decision we were going to move ofcourse we started to pack up the house, clean it and Mum’s boyfriend Grant came down and took all our belongings back to christchurch. It was quick and emotional letting go of my house for a different place, I was getting home sick, just having the thought of letting go. My Mum said I would be fine and I would love it up there. I agreed and started packing my room. 
I was so upset because I wasn’t ready for another home. It didn’t feel right leaving all my family behind. But my Mum wasn’t going to give up, she was in love with Grant but I know, if my Mum loves him I will too. I left my cat behind and all of my childhood toys that remind me of memories. It gave me the thought of when I was little going up to dudein to stay with my cousins and see some of my other families. It is always nice to stop and see family that you haven’t seen in awhile. So we always make sure we can see them if they are not busy or we aren’t. Half way through cleaning and packing up my room I came across, My teddy from when I was first born. Also a couple of photos of my great great grandad and my gran this year (2023) he would be 100 and my gran this year is 94. The photos were taken at my gran’s 80th birthday , 14 years ago. 

Before we went to live up in Christchurch we went for a mini holiday to explore and meet Grant’s family. My mum (Levina) told me that they lived together with the people that live there, Grant, Francine, Brent, and the dog twitch. So we went up there and when we got there everybody greeted us at the door. I was getting hugs and I felt uncomfortable because I didn’t know these people except for Grant. The dog twitch was very friendly and kind. He struggled up to be and played with the ball. He was very good friends with Hudini, who was my dog. We stayed up there for a few days and headed back home. I felt more confident about moving to Christchurch now. Once we got back I realized I would be moving school’s with no friends at all. I was scared and worried about what it’s going to be like at a new school.

It felt like I was going to be a nobody because I had been when I was a year 1. But I continued packing. Once I had done my room I moved on to helping my mum clean up her room, It was full of stuff like perfume, jewelry, bags, and clothes. We had finished the whole house. The only thing left was the beds. It was getting late so I headed to bed and got ready for school tomorrow. My mum is going to stay home and pack up the car and the beds. Once the school day was over Mum was going to pick us up and start getting ready for the road trip. School was over and it was time to say goodbye to all my friends, family and my favorite teacher Whea Ashley and she is still one of my favorite teachers. We hit the road. I was so excited but worried at the same time I was already getting home sick. Once I got there I felt right at home, I got comptable really fast and I was ready for a new home.

Conclusion- I went through the covid 19 pandemic so I stayed home for about 5 weeks and it didn’t really go well. After I started my new school I felt really nervous. I made new friends Felice, Shreeya, Leilani, Maryberth, Josh. My new favorite teachers were Mr Martin, Mr Taylor, Miss Scott, Miss Hanson. I loved living in ChristChurch. I never had a mall in Invercargill, but ChristChurch had lots of huge malls. ChristChurch had become my new Home. 


Recount Writing W2 T2 2023

नमस्कार, स्वागत है और दूसरे ब्लॉग पोस्ट पर वापस(Hi and Welcome back to another blog post) This language is Hindi!
This week we started a recount about a event we had done on Monday it was cold wet and rainy so the PALS leaders had an idea to warm people up! Here my story hope you enjoy don’t forget to leave a comment telling me your fab part of what we did.
Orientation- (who) – My Pals Leaders was Emma and Maryam in my team was Catalina she was leader Tarinda, Kirtsen, Robert A, Lorenzo, Natui (what was the activity) Bombard (when) 24/7/23 on rainy wet monday (where) At school in the gym hall (More Information) Bombard is a game where there is a big ball in the middle 
Events (What happened) – It was a cold rainy yucky wet monday! Our game started off with having two teams. The pals leaders doing all the activities include Shreeya, Maryberth, Maryam, Emma, DJ, Ryder, Priest, Koaleo, Josh. I was playing Bombard with the Pals leaders Emma and Maryam. 
We split into two teams. My Leader was Catalina and the other team was Axl. We had a big yoga ball in the middle. We also had dodgeballs. We had to hit the big ball and get it to the opposite side for our group to get a point. 
We started playing and my team ended up winning. We didn’t get anything in return for winning, but it was a fun game to play on a wet morning. It got many people warmed up because it was very cold that day.
We played for about half an hour and we stopped to get our ideas into our writing document. Then we had to discuss our plans on how it’s going to be in order and to add interesting language for the reader to be hooked into what we did for that morning. 
Conclusion- I really did like doing some different things on a cold morning. It was different for some people but it was really fun for me. We had won and that felt great. We used a lot of teamwork in our team.


– Anne Frank Follow Up Task – Term 2 17/6/23

Kia Ora, followers last week we started a follow up about facts of Anne Frank. I enjoyed learning about her journey of being hiding for 2 years, And having like no food because the Russian people caught the people hiding and helping families out by giving out food. Learning about her past can be emotional for people, because its such a sad story, also reading some of her journals in English is upsetting. So much of love went into that family. Well we did facts for that task and I want to show you it. Byee! hope you enjoy comment you fav name for a person!


– Topic work – Term 2 15/6/23

Hello readers today I finished some of my topic before the term ends. We learned about the New Zealand history like who first found New Zealand? questions like that. It was fun to experience and to create I learned about the history and more about the culture. The fun part was tricky answering questions that the answer wasn’t in the story, So you had to think hard and question yourself. Well I want to share with you what I have learned, Some of this is my buddies to Siddiqah. Byee! Here’s the slideshow I hope you enjoy.

– GR Codes – 12/6/23 Term 2 ^^

다른 블로그 게시물 독자에 다시 오신 것을 환영합니다. 예, 이것은 다시 한국어입니다. ( Welcome back to another blog post readers yes this is in korean again)

This week for digitech we made our own QR code for our blogs, I really think this was fun and new and a good experience getting to like play around with the buttons and getting to like make us how we like it. We got to like do boarders colour’s text and all kinds of things like add photos into the middle of your QR code I also know that QR codes started mostly getting used in 2020 because of covid so like New Zealand had to use most of there things online. This was a fun expeience and if you would like to try it heres a link and creat your own QR code for an app! MEQR . Have fun creating your own comment down below your favorite New Zealand music artist out of 660, Georgia Lines, Evile Laloata! Byeeeee!!!!

create a monster! 29/5/23 Term 2

다른 블로그 게시물에 안녕하세요 (Hello welcome back to another blog post)

Today we have done some coding and some programming which is new for some of us in this classroom. It was amazing and exciting for people to learn about! I really enjoyed doing this and trying it out. I love taking a risk with my learning because I am Tosh well that’s what Mr Taylor said….  Anyways have a great day and enjoy looking at my monster! Comment down below your fav kpop song bye!