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Black Poems

Heyyy bloggers today we were doing some cyber smart work on blackout poems. A blackout poem is when you have a story and you have a poem you have changed the background, then you pick out the words for your poem. It was really easy for me to do in a small amount of time I hope you enjoy looking at it bye bloggers.


Cybersmart new canva animation tools 2023 term 3

Talofa ma toe fo’i mai i la’u blog (Hello and welcome back to my blog)

This week our cybersmart teacher came in on monday, her name is Mrs Taylor and she is a better singer than Mr Taylor. Lets get on with some actual work so Mrs Taylor told us some new animation tools on canva. She ended up asking us to make an animation of our name. So that’s what the whole class ended up doing most people were done in that amount of time but not all people were done in that time. I used one of the features match and move to use an animation that makes, it look like it moves into place but it really makes and trick in your eyes. My rating for the update on canva was an 7/10 because it, did glitch sometimes and wouldn’t move. Well I hope that you enjoy this animation. bye comment down below your favorite way of saying hello.


Rapunzel Rapunzel I would ask…? /22/5/23/ Term 2!

Welcome back pupils, The last 2 weeks we have been learning how to use flip grid. A site where you can join your class by getting a code from your teacher. This is mostly used to make like videos of what your studying about or what your doing for your blogs. You can get asked questions then you answer them on flip grid and basically you make the video then downloaded it and post it to your blog. So… what we have done Miss Taylor has made a video the story is that Rapunzel got a magic minor where you can ask questions but not yes or no questions. So when we get out of the tower that she has been locked in for many years you can ask the minor what things are like now days. So the whole class done. BYE!! comment down below what is your favorite New Zealand native bird! hope you enjoy the rest of your day here’s mine hope you like it.

Term 1 week 9 – Random Notebook Poem- 2023

For cybersmart for 2 Mondays we have been working on a poem with a notebook, basically you have to find the notebook. Then you need a poem with it, so that’s what we have been doing a poem in the video or it could be a song but you have to sing it yourself. I hope you enjoy it to, Comment your favourite colour.

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