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BlackOut Poem Part 2 Term 4 9/10/23

صبح/روز/شب بخیر به وبلاگ من خوش آمدید (Good Morning/day/night welcome to my blog)

Well thats what the perisan says well this is part 2 of one of my poems well should I say blackout poem. This second one I got a better handle of this one, this time its a bit better and neater. Thank You and I hope you like my blog post! Comment down below what your fav part of this blog!

~Writing Term 3 Week 1 Show Not Tell~

Show not tell is where you show the action that is happening in your writing rather than just telling what is happening.~ Show Not Tell is a really fun thing for me it was kind of, hard but then a couple of days later it was very easy. Then we moved onto a slideshow with photos and we had to show what was happening in the photo ~


My examples







I think this was very easy when I got the hang of it, because I could just write anything. But showing and not telling like something about a dog and its bone.


The dog caught something ahead of it, the shiny white bold bone. He dripped all his way to the bone with meal shimmered all over it. It one wonderful bite it was gone.

Like that, that’s what showing is not telling