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– Topic work – Term 2 15/6/23

Hello readers today I finished some of my topic before the term ends. We learned about the New Zealand history like who first found New Zealand? questions like that. It was fun to experience and to create I learned about the history and more about the culture. The fun part was tricky answering questions that the answer wasn’t in the story, So you had to think hard and question yourself. Well I want to share with you what I have learned, Some of this is my buddies to Siddiqah. Byee! Here’s the slideshow I hope you enjoy.

create a monster! 29/5/23 Term 2

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Today we have done some coding and some programming which is new for some of us in this classroom. It was amazing and exciting for people to learn about! I really enjoyed doing this and trying it out. I love taking a risk with my learning because I am Tosh well that’s what Mr Taylor said….  Anyways have a great day and enjoy looking at my monster! Comment down below your fav kpop song bye!


Nathans girlfriend problems 29/5/23 Term 2

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We have been doing weekly tasks in some of our reading groups. We have been doing things like poems, drawings, clay art it has been really fun and cool to do! So lasts week tasks we have started this settings and read it to find like people in the story and themes and all kinds of stuff. So the story started with this guy called Nathan having work problems and his girlfriend Megan dumped him! so one of the things we could do is to make a poem. I would really love to share that to you and get some feedback with it maybe too. Hope you enjoy! Comment down below one of your fav animals that is not in New Zealand…. Bye have a great dayyy!

– Island Race – (2023 Term 2 Week 3)

안녕하세요 – Hello Readers, last week we started a task the task was to make a board game, design a boat buddy, Living in pardise, packing for sea, map your origins. So My group Felice, Maryeberth, Maryam had made a board game. I think it was really stressful and easy but my team didn’t get along so well. If I could rate us 1 out of 10 I think a 3. We need to work on team work and just help eachother out alot of us were fighting about what we wanted on our map and the cards and what we were going to put in. I still think it was fun and a cool topic work I do think I would do it again but me and my team just need to work better with that teamwork. Comment down below your fav farm animal and why, Byeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


~Writing Term 3 Week 1 Show Not Tell~

Show not tell is where you show the action that is happening in your writing rather than just telling what is happening.~ Show Not Tell is a really fun thing for me it was kind of, hard but then a couple of days later it was very easy. Then we moved onto a slideshow with photos and we had to show what was happening in the photo ~


My examples







I think this was very easy when I got the hang of it, because I could just write anything. But showing and not telling like something about a dog and its bone.


The dog caught something ahead of it, the shiny white bold bone. He dripped all his way to the bone with meal shimmered all over it. It one wonderful bite it was gone.

Like that, that’s what showing is not telling