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~ Haorua/Yoga ~ 2023 Term 1 Week 9 ~

Hello Bloggers, This week we have been catching up on Haoura and practising I have been up and leading it for the whole class for 3 days and other people have tried going up and doing it to they were awesome. We have been doing it for the whole week now and I think were gonna start doing it before we start reading because, it carms our body down and gets us ready for learning. Hope you enjoy the photos, Comment what your favourite emoji  🤓🩷✨



– Space Quiz! Term 1 Week 9 2023 –

Hello bloggers, For some weeks now we have been learning about space and this was our first space subject to work on until we all finished the challenge. So here’s a quiz to see if you know things about Uranus. Comment your favourite thing about Uranus. Bye bloggers enjoy my quiz!



Term 1 week 9 – Random Notebook Poem- 2023

For cybersmart for 2 Mondays we have been working on a poem with a notebook, basically you have to find the notebook. Then you need a poem with it, so that’s what we have been doing a poem in the video or it could be a song but you have to sing it yourself. I hope you enjoy it to, Comment your favourite colour.