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૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა ♡Weekly Reading Challenge ᶻ 𝘇 𐰁

안녕 내 블로그에 오신 것을 환영합니다 (hello welcome to my blog)

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Welcome this week we have a new weekly reading challenge. So what we had to do was write 2 paragraphs or more if you wanted. The book that I choose was baby sitters club (Claudia and the new girl) this is what I have written. I hope you enjoy

.° ༘🎧⋆🖇₊˚ෆ.° ༘🎧⋆🖇₊˚ෆ.° ༘🎧⋆🖇₊˚ෆ.° ༘🎧⋆🖇₊˚ෆ.° ༘🎧⋆🖇₊˚ෆ.° ༘🎧⋆🖇₊˚ෆ.° ༘🎧⋆🖇₊˚ෆ.°

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So basically this is about a baby sitters club also known as a netflix series. It’s about 5 teenagers coming together to form a baby sitters club to babysit. Also they go to school so they are schoolers and babysitters at the same time, mostly they have group meetings like 2-3 days a week to go over, who’s going to babysit who and what’s going on in that week. They take care of different things or family per week. Also they get a good share of money for what they do! 
This book is about Claudia making a new friend that was new to the school. Also had some of the same hobbies and things they both enjoyed doing! The both of them were both great artists and were in the same classes. They both entered into a competition involving their art. Their new girl’s name was Ashley, Ashley was very good at her art and started teaching Claudia new skills. Claudia ended up putting hers into the competition.
The whole group of the babysitters club except for Claudia, The group got mad at Claudia because she was hanging out with someone who was not a part of the group and was new. Because of that they black mailed her (ignored her). Ashley told her to not worry about anything at the time and worry about her art. That’s what the group didn’t like about Ashley, she was encouraging Claudia not to show up to club meetings because they were too busy exploring the city. Then Ashley got mad because Claudia went to go talk to them and make up. 
Ashley hated how the group didn’t let her come and hang out with them. At the end Claudia and Ashley became friends again and the group started to enjoy her being there. They all became friends and hanged out alot
Written by: Frankie.T

BlackOut Poem Part 2 Term 4 9/10/23

صبح/روز/شب بخیر به وبلاگ من خوش آمدید (Good Morning/day/night welcome to my blog)

Well thats what the perisan says well this is part 2 of one of my poems well should I say blackout poem. This second one I got a better handle of this one, this time its a bit better and neater. Thank You and I hope you like my blog post! Comment down below what your fav part of this blog!