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Kei te peehea – how are

  • hea – where
  • wai –  what
  • peehea – how
  • Kei te peehea ahau? – How am I?
  • Kei te peehea koe? – How are you?
  • Kei te peehea ia? – How is he or she?
  • Kei te peehea koe?
  • A. kei te (feeling) ahau.
  • Kare aa-roto – feeling
  • pai – good
  • harikoa – happy
  • ngenge – tired
  • mauiui – sick
  • rangirua – confused
  • Hoo-ha – fed – up or bored
  • Hiakai – hungry
  • Hiainu – thirsty
  • Hiamoe – sleepy
  • Hia – you want something
  • whaka – to do that thing
  • whakamaa – embrassed
  • Whakahi – proud
  • Wera – hot
  • makariri – cold
  • Pukuriri – angry
  • Pukumahi – busy
  • Poouri – sad
  • Awangawanga – anxious
  • heahea – silly
  • rawe – excellent
  • ohooho -surprised
  • Mataku – scared
  • E hia – how many
  • Tokohia – how many people
  • E hia ngaa tepu? – how many tables
  • E whaa ngaa tepu. – 4 tables
  • dictation
  • E hia ngaa aaporo? – How many apples?
  • Tokohia ngaa tamariki – how many children
  • E rima ngaa turu – 5 chairs
  • Kotahi te kaiako –  1 teacher
  • tekau maa rua ngaa tane. – 12 men




Ngaa Tae – Colours 2024

Kia ora, welcome back to my blog today in Maori we learned some colours and some sentences.

  • White – Maa
  • Red – Whero
  • Orange – karaka
  • Yellow – kowhai
  • Green – Kakariki
  • Blue – Kikorangi
  • Purple – Waiparoparo
  • Pink –  Mawhero
  • Brown – Paraine
  • Grey – Kiwikiwi
  • Black – Mangu / Pangu
  • Rainbow – Uenuku

He aha – What?

Te taw – the colour (one)

Ngaa tae – The colours (more than one)

He aha + te tae? – what is the colour?

Nga tae – what is the colours?

He aha Kakariki te tae –  the colour is green


Waka building… will it float?

Greetings today we are finishing our waka. A type of Maori boat that they used to travel across the oceans and seas to find land. A waka is a type of boat with a cool design. Our design was to use water bottles as the bottom. Wooden sticks in the middle. Paper under the seatings is a kind of food storage and water storage. Use wooden popsicle sticks as seating for the waka. This is what we tried to make our waka look like down below:

We also stuck some wooden sticks on they kind of looked like toothbrushes. I think that it will float if we put a lot of effort into our waka. Tomorrow in period 5 we will be floating our waka into the water, To see whoever wins. This took us about 2 weeks to finish. Credits to the people in my group Addison, Peyton, Diviya, Aria , Annemieke and Yance. Here are the results thank you!!

Healthy Eating 2024

Kia Ora welcome to my blog post. Today in health we have been learning about healthy choices. What we should eat for better stability and to meet the healthy standards of reality. Well, good foods are good for your body and new foods are good for your body too. Sometimes it’s about equaling the meal out so sometimes have some unhealthy foods. Once every 2 weeks. Having lots of healthy food is good for your body but also too much of it would overflow your body and then you would lose weight.

Foods like fruit, veggies, real fruit ice cream, meat, oats, yogurt, bread (not too much), and salad, are healthy foods and a good source for our body.

Foods like takeaway, chips, chocolate, sweets, sugar, and snacks, are foods that aren’t too good for our bodies.

Using good foods for your body will let your body grow faster and make sure it functions as it should.

Examples of healthy foods:

Examples of unhealthy foods:

Thank you for reading and taking your time!


Hawaii To New Zealand

Hello welcome to my blog today we did a map about the migrants. The migrants struggled for days trying to find land. What would be the easiest way for them? Well, this is what I think. Finding Aotearoa what way did they go through the currents? Well here’s an example of how I feel about it. I think that it would go this way because…

It would be easier to travel through the currents & might be a lot faster because you’re going with the currents not going against them. Thank you so much for reading and looking at my blog post.

My Hypothesis 2024

My hypothesis is that the tennis ball will go the highest here is an example/definition of the word hypothesis.

A hypothesis is an educated guess or explanation that is based on limited evidence and is used as a starting point for further investigation. It is a statement that suggests a relationship between two or more variables and is testable through experimentation or observation. A well-formulated hypothesis provides a clear direction for research and helps to guide the scientific method.

People who took part in this experiment: Frankie, Aria, Addison

Equipment: 1 meter long ruler, 5 different balls.

The method was that we top all 5 different balls to see which one bounced the highest.

I think that the all blacks ball went the highest because it was an rubbery type of ball and it wanted to spring back to it basic form.

Results: All blacks ball – 82cm Tennis ball – 37cm Tiny football – 47cm Basketball – 56cm Ping pong ball – 17cm

Thank you for reading bye!

How many sweaters could you wear? 2024

Kia ora welcome back to my blog. Today in Wananga class we did an task on kiwi kids news. You had to find an article then you have 45 minutes to read it then blog it. So I chose a article about a 11 year old girl who broke the world record for wearing 45 sweaters at once. Also there was some questions to answer so I’m going to answer them for you. Here’s the story hope you enjoy it.

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article? Thomas Hocquet-Umambo

2. What was the key event from the news article? Having 45 sweaters

3. Where did this event take place? Washington DC

4. When did this event take place? 2022

Thank you for your time!!


Internet Saftey 2024

Kia ora, This week for DTE (digital tech) class, we went on grok academy, and we did an task in the disguise of an detective called Sam. We went on social media an did an experience. finding peoples personal information online because they exposed to much about them self👀! We worked out passwords, locations, phone numbers, etc. Also it was so fun and was testing our skills of finding online information.

Its dangerous to put online information out into social media and here’s why. Wondering why your account and money has been stolen or hacked? Well it might been because you have leaked some online information onto social media. It would then be tracked down and that’s why you have been hacked. So later on in your life on social media be careful what you do post online, because it out end out to something happen that is terrible and that all your money would be stolen.


Maori Navigators (literacy) 2024

Kia ora welcome back to my blog. Today in literacy we had an task to blog about something we have learn’t from our lesson about the early navigators who found New Zealand. Here are some of the questions we needed to answer it was mentioned in the task.

What did the early navigators use to find their way?

Star compasses,stick charts, wind, currents, waves

How could they tell land was near?

Clouds, washed up land, currents, stars, mountains