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Summer Learning Journey (Create An Super Hero)

Kia Orana (Hello) welcome to my blog today SUMMER LEARNING JOURNEY STARTED!! Summer learning journey is a program that goes through the holidays. What you do is create daily blog posts or points to earn free prizes. Its basically a fun learning program for kids, and once you have done a lot you get prizes for doing that learning. 

Some Information about summer learning journey:

You may be wondering, whats today’s post?! is it the same everyday?! you get two daily challenges. Well one of today’s challenge!! is to make a superhero from your perspective. This is my super hero hope you enjoy!! Thank you for reading this blog post hope you have a good day!


– Famous Old Portraits – 14/12/22

Hello people, from around the world this week we have been learning about some famous paintings around the world. This week is a very special week for me because this is the last week of the year for school in 2022 only 2 days to go. The one the I have try my best on is this one…. Hope you like how I tryed to make it!

This is what I made…

I tried to make it the best that I can because I didn’t want it to look like a whole new person because I feel like it is a beautiful piece of art. I don’t want to ruin the piece of art, I hoped you liked how I tired to make it.

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