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Celebration of Learning 2023 Term 3

Talofa ma fa’afeiloa’i i la’u blog (Hello and welcome to my blog)

This week is the last week of term and we have parent’s coming in to look at their childrens blogs. We have to show off what we have done this term and our learning. Check out my slideshow that my parent’s are going to look at! Comment down below what was your favourite thing this term.

Cybersmart new canva animation tools 2023 term 3

Talofa ma toe fo’i mai i la’u blog (Hello and welcome back to my blog)

This week our cybersmart teacher came in on monday, her name is Mrs Taylor and she is a better singer than Mr Taylor. Lets get on with some actual work so Mrs Taylor told us some new animation tools on canva. She ended up asking us to make an animation of our name. So that’s what the whole class ended up doing most people were done in that amount of time but not all people were done in that time. I used one of the features match and move to use an animation that makes, it look like it moves into place but it really makes and trick in your eyes. My rating for the update on canva was an 7/10 because it, did glitch sometimes and wouldn’t move. Well I hope that you enjoy this animation. bye comment down below your favorite way of saying hello.