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Weekly Reading Task (Make a pofile pic of your favourite book charachter)

Talofa ma fa’afeiloa’i i la’u blog (hello and welcome to my blog)

Today I made my weekly reading challenge for this week. The task was to basically make an animation slideshow etc. So I ended up making an animation on canva about Dawn Schafer. If you want more information about her she is basically a babysitter and a member of the babysitters club if you know what that series is. She is one of my favorite book character from babysitters club. So I edited my slideshow in canva and used some of the new digital animation tools to make a little animation happen when presenting. Thank you to Mrs Taylor our cybersmart teacher who told me how to do it. Well I hope you enjoy my animation that I made, comment down below what is your favorite letter.



Nathans girlfriend problems 29/5/23 Term 2

추종자를 다시 환영합니다 (Welcome back followers)

We have been doing weekly tasks in some of our reading groups. We have been doing things like poems, drawings, clay art it has been really fun and cool to do! So lasts week tasks we have started this settings and read it to find like people in the story and themes and all kinds of stuff. So the story started with this guy called Nathan having work problems and his girlfriend Megan dumped him! so one of the things we could do is to make a poem. I would really love to share that to you and get some feedback with it maybe too. Hope you enjoy! Comment down below one of your fav animals that is not in New Zealand…. Bye have a great dayyy!

~ Blog Image 2023 ~

Hello followers, This is my forth this is my first blog post of this term. This year will be an amazing year. I am now in year 6 and hopefully this year will be more better than last year. My teachers are Miss Scott and Mr Taylor these are the same teachers. I’m really looking forward to activities this year. My fav colour is sage green. Hope you enjoy my photo! thank you for commenting! <3

Whats your fav subject

A) Maths

B) Reading

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B) Swimming

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