Is it Rude, Mean, Or bullying

hallo follower’s, For like 3 weeks we have been learning about not to bully people. And to teach little kids to be nice on the play grounds to other kids me and my group have made this  i-movie to show what rude is what mean is and bulling is when someone has hurt you called you names most than once. Us seniors are very big role models for the little kids so we need to set a example of what they should be doing so I hope you like the short movie and comment what your favourite part is!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Is it Rude, Mean, Or bullying

  1. I saw this video in assembly this morning.I liked how you made it look like it was real in the way your were bumping into each other.

    1. Thank you I like how I did it! Its kind of funny to me Emma sounded like she was laughing and Thank you for commenting!

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