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Collaborating with Yaldhurst Model school

Today we had another day of meeting between Hornby Primary School and Yaldhurst.

We talked about walking or moving away.  We had a slideshool where we had to choose a person, decide if the person was going to or leaving a place.  Then we had to pack a bag for them, with items that we thought would match their personality.

Yaldhurst did the same activity.  We had to say things and try guess the photo that they were doing.

We put some stuff into a suitcase. My group did the little girl photo that went to school. Someone had put a teddy bear inside the suitcase. I had to write down what we thought about it.

It was fun to see our Yaldhurst friends on a meet. I liked the part were we got to try and guess who they had packed the suitcase for. My group had to go first to show our slide show about our work. We were going onto the other peoples slide show about it and that’s when the guessing comes in. I hope you liked reading bye.